Trusting In Myself & The Universe
A  d a i l y   c o l u m n   a b o u t   h o w   f a i t h   t r u s t s,   i n t u i t i v e l y   k n o w s   a n d   r e a c t s
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Revisions are being published as soon as I make them so the information on this site is current, it's just not complete yet

The new vision will continue to unfold before your eyes - so when the revision is complete, this message will disappear.
faith is present everywhere, within everything, within every moment 
always is 
it has a purpose, mission and a vision
it is everywhere, within everything, within every moment
it is a potential that is boundless

it is trust * it is a path that you willingly choose * ​it is always within you
faith is an intuitive, connected mystical prayer
faith is more much accurate, trusting and powerful than you are aware